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Affordable Boise home cleaning rates are offered by the team at ProTouch Cleaners of Idaho. Contact us for a free and easy quote.

Service Details

Our two person teams bring you joy and happiness by cleaning your home and providing excellent customer service. We offer simple, flat pricing based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you have in your home. We make it easy to book your appointment NOW without calling us or waiting for an in-home inspection and quote. No surprises, no hidden costs, and no upselling. We simply tell you what we do and then we do it!


Subscription Plan (choose at checkout on the Book Now page)
Monthly: Save 10%
Every Two Weeks: Save 15% (Our most popular plan)
Every Week: Save 20%


Deep/First Clean and Move In/Out are selected as Extras on the Book Now page



 ServicesDeep/First CleanSubscription PlanMove In/Out
($130 worth of services for $60)(Your Best Value!)(Get Your Deposit Back!)
ALL AREASCobweb RemovalŸ√As NeededŸŸ√
Detail Clean Ceiling FansŸŸ√As NeededŸŸ√
Dust BlindsŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Dust Window LedgesŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Dust/Wipe DoorsŸŸ√As NeededŸŸ√
Empty TrashcansŸ√ŸŸŸ√ŸŸ√
ServicesDeep/First CleanSubscription PlanMove In/Out
KITCHENClean & Disinfect CountertopsŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean Cabinets (Outside)ŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean Microwave (In/Outside)ŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Wipe Down AppliancesŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean Stovetop and FanŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Wipe Down Countertop AppliancesŸŸ√ŸŸ√---
Vacuum Floormats & RugsŸŸ√ŸŸ√---
Sweep & Hand Wash FloorŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Fill & Run DishwasherŸŸ√As Needed---
Clean & Disinfect SinksŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean Inside RefrigeratorŸŸ√+35ŸŸ√
Clean Inside Cabinets & Drawers+40+40ŸŸ√
Clean Inside OvenŸŸ+35+35ŸŸ√
ServicesDeep/First CleanSubscription PlanMove In/Out
Damp Cloth Dust Flat SurfacesŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Vacuum All Rugs & CarpetŸ√ŸŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Sweep\Dust\Clean Hard FloorsŸŸ√ŸŸ√Ÿ√Ÿ
Change Linens & Make BedsŸŸ√ŸŸ√---
ServicesDeep/First CleanSubscription PlanMove In/Out
BATHROOMSClean & Disinfect Tile WallsŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean & Disinfect BathtubŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean & Disinfect Shower\Shower DoorŸ√ŸŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean & Disinfect Sink & CounterŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean & Disinfect ToiletŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Sweep & Hand Wash FloorsŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Vacuum All Rugs & CarpetŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Wipe Down Cabinets (Outside)ŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean & Shine FixturesŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean & Shine MirrorsŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean Inside Cabinets & Drawers+40+40ŸŸ√
ServicesDeep/First CleanSubscription PlanMove In/Out
EXTRASClean Entrance DoorsŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Wipe Down Laundry AppliancesŸŸ√ŸŸ√ŸŸ√
Clean BaseboardsŸŸ√As NeededŸŸ√
Wipe Down SwitchplatesŸŸ√As NeededŸŸ√
Dust\Vacuum FurnitureŸŸ√ŸŸ√---
Detail Clean Blinds+10+10+10
Clean Inside WindowsŸŸ√+60ŸŸ√