The 20 Minute Daily Cleaning Routine To Keep A Consistently Spotless Home

This 20 Minute Daily Routine, When Combine with Recurring House Cleaning Will Insure Your Always Ready For Guests

We know that keeping a tidy house takes more than having the professionals come in regularly. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your house pristine all week long.


  • Wipe down counters & tables daily 
  • Clean as you go; do dishes after (or while making) every meal
  • Sweep or vacuum the most used rooms and areas of the house
  • Have a place for everything and consistently put things back in those places

If you use a house cleaning service, SKIP THIS STEP! you can trust on the pros to free up your weekends!

Weekly Tasks

  • Clean windows & glass
  • Dust or buy an air purifier that will remove a lot of the dust for you
  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Wipe down counters + toilets
  • Declutter areas with lots of stuff
  • Clean appliances
  • Deep clean the bathrooms
  • Do laundry sporadically and keep the loads on the smaller side
  • Delegate certain days for different tasks or delegate one big cleaning day and make it fun
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