Move In/Out Cleaning in Boise, ID

Whether you’re moving out of your apartment or moving into your dream home, we’re experts in getting any space ready for re-occupancy. Our Move In/Out Cleaning service is like our Deep Cleaning but with extra tasks that will let you recover your security deposit (or impress your next tenants).

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Move Out Cleaning: For Tenants & Landlords

A Move Out Cleaning is always welcome for the busy tenant ending their lease or the eager property owner who wants to prepare the house for the next tenant. A landlord always requires a certain level of cleanliness at the beginning and end of a lease, and our team of expert cleaners will ensure the standards are high!

On the other hand, if you are moving out, you probably need to comply with those cleaning requirements so you can recover your security deposit. Our Move Out Cleaning service covers often-overlooked tasks like cleaning inside cabinets and appliance cleaning that will make your landlord happy and end your relationship on good terms.

Move In Cleaning: Start Fresh At Your New Home

You have a new place in Boise, ID. You’re packing and unpacking, guiding the moving company, and making sense of your belongings… Of course, you don’t have time to clean and tidy!

Our Move In Cleaning service will cover all the crucial chores so you can feel at home. We clean and sanitize to remove dust, grime, and germs that construction workers and former tenants have left behind. We want you to feel safe and happy in your new home.

What's Included In a Move In/Out Cleaning

We offer Move In/Out Cleaning Services to Boise homeowners and tenants, hoping we can ease the stress of moving with meticulous cleaning. Our package offers a thorough cleaning checklist covering all essential tasks, plus often overlooked ones, like baseboard cleaning, windowsill dusting, and cleaning inside appliances. Check our full checklist below. You can always request a new item on your service.

General Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean floors (vac/sweep/mop)
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean/disinfect/polish countertops,
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Clean appliance exteriors
  • Clean and disinfect tub, shower, toilet
  • Clean light fixtures and ceilling fans
  • Vacuum/dust furniture
  • Clean kitchen countertops and
  • Clean stovetop/grates/drip pans
  • Clean tables and chairs,

Deep Cleaning Tasks

  • Hand wash doors, handles & switches
  • Hand wash baseboards
    (all reachable without moving furniture)
  • Hand wash outsides of cabinets & drawers
  • Hand wipe uncluttered shelves
  • Hand wipe pictures and knick-knacks
  • Hand wipe ceiling fan blades
  • Hand wipe light fixtures
    (in place, not removed)
  • Dry wipe blinds
  • Double-scrub tubs & showers for extra buildup
  • Scrub stovetop/grates/drip pans

Move In/Out Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean refrigerator
  • Clean oven
  • Clean inside cabinets
  • Wipe tops of washer & dryer
  • Dust blinds & window sills
  • Empty trash & replace liner
  • Baseboards dusted
  • Clean floors (vac/sweep/mop)

Our Expert Cleaning Process In Boise, ID

We make sure Boise and Treasure Valley residents receive a great service and feel safe while we clean. All ProTouch Cleaners were rigorously vetted before being hired (background checks and in-person interviews), not to mention they are constantly trained and receive fair payment for their labor. We make sure they earn above average so they can feel proud of their job.

Also, we always arrive fully prepared with the specific cleaning checklist at hand (approved by our clients), carrying eco-friendly cleaning products, effective sanitizers, and the best tools and equipment. And after each job, we always review the job and wait for feedback so we can constantly improve. Your home is in good hands!

Benefits of a Move In/Out Cleaning

The convenience of online booking, professional cleaners with their own supplies, and the ability to customize your service depending on your needs are only a few benefits that we offer. You can expect the best Boise move in/out cleaning service.

Detailed Service

A moving out cleaning needs meticulous cleaning, and this service does not overlook anything, from dusting baseboards and windowsills to cleaning inside cabinets and appliances.

Reliable Staff

Our cleaning staff is made of trustworthy Boise residents. They are the best professional cleaners in town thanks to their experience, constant training, fair payment, and frequent feedback.


Focus on your moving while we clean. Book online in a few clicks, and then we arrive and completely clean your place in a few hours (we’ll give you a more precise estimate once we know the square footage and other details).

Custom Service

Our cleaning checklist is extensive, but you can always tell us if you have any special requests or concerns. We know how important it is not to miss any spot (especially while ending a lease)!

Serving Boise and the Treasure Valley


ProTouch Cleaners has been providing professional cleaning services in Boise and the Treasure Valley since 2015. If your city is not listed, give us a call to see if we can serve your area.

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