How Often Do You Really Need To Vacuum Your House?

When it comes to vacuuming, things can get a little tricky. Not all homes need the same vacuuming routine to stay clean. Even within your home, you don’t need to vacuum every area with the same frequency.

So, how can you know the perfect frequency for vacuuming your home? Here, we’ll show you the factors you have to consider to create a vacuuming routine that fits your house needs the best!

How often should you vacuum your floors?

As different types of flooring have different characteristics, they require different vacuuming frequencies. Check out this short guide:

  • Hard flooring (vinyl, tile): Their smooth surface prevents the excessive accumulation of dust, so a weekly vacuum with high suction power should suffice. If you have grout lines, first give them a quick sweep to loosen any trapped dirt.
  • Hardwood floors: For finished hardwood, a weekly vacuum is enough to keep dust at bay due to its smoothness. Unfinished wood, however, needs a bit more attention. Try twice a week and follow the grain for best results.
  • Carpeted areas: Carpets, especially high-pile ones, attract and trap a lot of dust. Aim to vacuum these areas three times a week. For low-traffic or low-pile carpets, twice a week should do the job.

Pro-tip: Use a fixed soft brush vacuum attachment on carpeted areas for more effective vacuuming.

Don’t forget to vacuum mattresses and upholstered furniture!

Dust doesn’t just settle on the floors. Your mattresses and upholstered furniture also collect dust over time, even with covers. Mattresses should be vacuumed twice a year—preferably during spring cleaning and again in October when dust mite season ends.

For upholstered furniture, the frequency depends on usage. Monthly vacuuming is ideal for items that don’t see much action, like headboards. However, for frequently used pieces like sofas and cushions, a weekly vacuuming routine is essential to keep them clean.

Pro-tip: Use an upholstery tool attachment to vacuum your belongings without worrying about damage.

What if you have pets?

Pet hair can be a persistent problem if you have furry friends at home. A quick daily vacuum will help you keep any hairy situation under control. Focus on the areas your pet usually hangs in, as you’ll find a higher accumulation of fur there.

If daily vacuuming isn’t feasible, aim for a thorough session two or three times a week, depending on how much your pet sheds.

The ceilings and walls need vacuuming, too!

Ceilings and walls often get overlooked in cleaning routines, but they collect dust as well, which can later fly to other surfaces in your home.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to vacuum their entire surface—just focus on the dusty corners, cobwebs, and behind frames and furniture. Depending on how dusty your home gets, plan these sessions monthly or quarterly.

Enjoy a dust-free house with ProTouch Cleaners!

Although vacuuming is crucial to keeping a dust-free house, you need to pair it with regular cleaning sessions. ProTouch Cleaners delivers recurring cleaning services that you can book weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly to keep a home that sparkles. Visit our website for a free quote!

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