How To Clean A Dirty Or Clogged Shower Head With Vinegar

If your shower head has started looking all crusty, or it has gotten to the point where water doesn’t come out as it should, it’s time for a cleanup. But before you reach for the heavy-duty chemicals, let’s explore a gentler but just as effective option.

Let’s show some love to your shower fixture and kick things off with a more natural approach. Check out these two practical methods to spruce up your shower head using vinegar.

The quick way to clean your shower head

Dealing with a hint of mineral buildup, or don’t have the time for a lengthy but thorough process? Try this method.

Step #1. Give the shower head a vinegar bath

Grab a plastic bag and fill it with just enough vinegar to cover the fixture. Then, carefully tie it onto the shower head with twist ties or a reliable rubber band. Be sure the shower head is completely covered; if not, add more vinegar.

Let the bag hang for at least 12 hours. The vinegar’s acidity will team up with the limescale, making those stubborn mineral deposits loosen up for an easy wipe-down.

Note: If your shower head is rocking brass, gold, or nickel, go easy! Keep the soak under 30 minutes.

Step #2. Shower off the residue

After the wait, release the plastic bag and pour the now dirty vinegar down the drain.

Pour warm water over your showerhead to wash away the residue. To clear out any clogged water holes, turn on the hot water in your shower and let it flow to dislodge the mineral bits.

Step #3. Brush away the grime

Bid farewell to those last traces of limescale clinging to your showerhead using a soft brush or an old toothbrush. Pay attention to the nooks and crannies to get rid of the residue. Finish it off by drying it with a clean cloth to prevent any water leftovers from staging a limescale encore.

How to deep clean your shower head

If the mineral buildup is putting up a tough fight or ruining your shower vibes, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Step #1. Unscrew the shower head

Wrap a cloth around the shower head nut (to keep it dent-free) and use a wrench to loosen it up. Once it’s free, handle the fixture with care and try not to put it upside down as there might be tiny parts inside.

Step #2. Vinegar Bath Time

Time to break down that buildup. Dip your shower head into a container filled with vinegar for at least twelve hours—up to a whole day, depending on how much limescale there is. Don’t forget any internal parts, and let them soak too!

Note: For brass, gold, nickel, and chrome-plated shower heads, keep the soak under 30 minutes.

Step #3. Descale the shower head

After the wait, take your fixture out of the vinegar bath (get rid of the liquid) and let a robust burst of warm water flow through it from the open side to shake off the softened limescale.

Now, grab an old toothbrush and scrub your shower head and any extra parts—be gentle with the small pieces. To clear out the water holes, use a toothpick or safety pin to nudge out any lingering mineral bits.

Step #4. Rinse and reassemble

Get rid of any lingering limescale bits by filling a bowl with warm water and giving the shower head a good shake while submerged. Replace the water and repeat the process to give the fixture a clean rinse.

Then, screw the shower head back on, tighten it up, and let hot water run for a few minutes to bid farewell to any remaining mineral residue inside the holes—oh, and don’t forget to give it a good drying off!

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