Things Your House Cleaner Wants To Tell You

Over Communicate your preferences

Whether it’s that you prefer natural cleaning products, you have animals and they need to be let outside, whether or not you want laundry included, anything that you can think of they should know. Over Communication will result in a more seamless experience and will ensure you’re all on the same page.

Remember that organization + cleaning are separate things

Keep in mind that cleaners are simply there to clean your home, they usually will not organize your things. So share whether you want things in the same location that they are in or where they can put certain things they may come across when they clean; this way you aren’t searching all over the house for your stuff later.

Let modern tech do some of the work for you

Investing in a great air purifier will help remove a lot of dust from your home and allow your cleaners to focus more on the cleaning and little or no time on the dusting. Even a Roomba is only a few hundred bucks and takes a load off of you and your cleaners, freeing up more space and time for them to tackle other cleaning chores for you that can’t be automated.

A Spotless Home Takes Time

Depending on the size of your home, the amount of occupants, and the age of the occupants, it may take some time for your home to sparkle. An initial 2 hour cleaning session may not be enough but consistently having your home cleaned – even if just a few times – will definitely start to get your home to the state you want it in.

A small amount of generosity goes a long way

Be it a cold glass of water or juice, a 10% cash tip, a snack, be as generous as you feel. House cleaners, such as most service providers, never expect to be tipped so even something small can go a really long way and may even improve your cleaning service more than you anticipated.

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