6 Tips For A Successful First House Clean


Provide clear entrance directions

Remember that your cleaners don’t know all that you know about your home; they are complete beginners when it comes to your space, so make sure to provide clear entrance directions, share the garage or door code, leave the back door unlocked, or leave a key somewhere.

Set up an initial consult in your home

This will really help the cleaner know what you prefer, where you like things to be kept, give you a feel for the company, and give you the opportunity to communicate or ask questions that you may not have thought about without the consult. It’s also a chance for the cleaner to ask you any questions they may have.


Share your cleaning supplies preferences

If you prefer natural cleaning products versus products with chemicals, then make sure to provide your favorite supplies for your cleaners. This safer alternative – especially for children and pets – might be really important to you, but your cleaner doesn’t realize this. Also be clear about where your cleaning products are kept or leave them out in the open for your cleaners to easily find

Tidy up ahead of time helps your cleaner + saves you money

Precleaning can help your cleaners a lot and also save you some extra cash! In addition, it allows your cleaners to focus on the good stuff; those important spots and rooms you really want them to give extra attention to.


Be mindful of the temperature

You may run hot or cold but your cleaners probably run differently than you. If it’s winter make sure the heater is set at a decent temperature and vice versa for summer. If you are specific about keeping your home a little warmer or a little colder than the average person, simply sharing that information with your cleaners will help them correlate a positive experience cleaning for you

Trust the experts and leave your home for the cleaning

This will make things much easier and less stressful for the cleaner. If it’s the first time you’ve left your home to new cleaners you can always ask ahead of time if it’s okay to check in periodically. If it gives peace of mind, turn on any house cameras if you have them, or even take the dogs for a long walk around the neighborhood. Nobody enjoys hovering, so check your reviews and do your research to ensure peace of mind that you’ve picked the right company.

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