Cleaning Slump? How To Recover Your Cleaning Motivation!

Tackling the whole house-cleaning deal often feels like an impossible mission, hitting a point where you don’t want to know anything about it. Luckily, nothing sticks around forever, and that no-cleaning vibe of yours can go away with a bit of assistance.

Although we can’t physically make you grab your mop or broom, we’ve got your back with some quick tips to jumpstart your cleaning game!

Give your cleaning some purpose

Get your motivation bubbling by imbuing purpose in your cleaning. This injects a new vibe into the process because now it’s connected to something you genuinely want to get done. Check these out:

  • Plan a gathering. Getting your pals over demands your place to be top-notch. Ideally, invite your buddies for the next day to give yourself that push to clean up. If facing the entire mess head-on seems overwhelming, schedule the get-together for later, allowing more time for the cleanup.
  • Weigh the pros. Consider what you’ve put on hold due to the chaos. A messy kitchen ruins your cooking plans, and a chaotic wardrobe turns getting dressed into a treasure hunt. Pick an area tied to a specific purpose and weigh the benefits of getting it spick and span.

Simplify your cleaning groove

Cleaning itself can be a real drag, and dealing with a messed-up space just cranks up the frustration. But guess what? You can make it less of a pain. Check these out:

  • Do small bits. Break down the mess into bite-sized chunks, and your brain will focus on conquering these areas instead of the whole chaos. From the moment you finish your first chore, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment (plus, it’ll boost your mood)!
  • Clean in short periods. Set a timer, choose a spot, and clean non-stop until the timer buzzes (even if it’s just ten minutes). Spread this out throughout the day, and you’ll wrap up sooner than you think.
  • Conquer a spot every day. If the thought of cleaning your entire home in a single day is too much, tackle specific areas or chores on different days of the week. Dividing the tasks lightens the load and makes your schedule more forgiving.

Make cleaning a little more enjoyable

Cleaning isn’t the most thrilling thing, but it doesn’t always have to be tedious. Let us help you with that.

  • Play some music. Music affects your mood. So, slap on your favorite playlist or some feel-good tunes and dance your way through the grime. If you prefer, you can catch up on podcasts or audiobooks—you’ll finish before you realize!
  • Give yourself a treat. Choose something you want so much, like a meal from that hip restaurant you saw on social media. Consider it a reward for your hard work. It’ll lift your spirits and add more meaning to your cleaning duties!

We want you to get back in your cleaning mood

Sometimes, the best motivation booster is to have a clean slate to start again. ProTouch Cleaners can help you with that. We offer different cleaning services to cover all your needs—Our expert cleaners will clean your home from top to bottom! Get a free quote now!

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